"Champion of Champions" from the Past 52 Years

“CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS” FROM THE PAST 52 YEARS. The soap box derby commission is looking for past and present pictures of past "Champion of Champions" to post on our website along with old programs and awards night program/final standings. Please contact us if you would like to submit pictures or programs.

Year Driver Champion Picture Race Day Program (no inserts) Awards Program
1965 Kenneth Visauer   pdficon small1965 Program  
1966 Brian Rindt      
1967 Richard Burant      
1968 Richard Burant      
1969 Jay Stover      
1970 Jeffrey Leair      
1971 Steve Zajicek      
1972 Mark Ebbott      
1973 Mark Pekrul      
1974 Steve Hannula      
1975 Janet Liske      
1976 Davey Doern  1976 Champ    
1977 Janet Liske   pdficon small1977 Program  
1978 Robert Katka      
1979 James Schott      
1980 James Schott      
1981 Bill Hammel      
1982 Scott Scheuren      
1983 Brett Wollenzien      
1984 Brett Wollenzien      
1985 Brian Grenfel 1985 Champ    
1986 Julie Lay      
1987 Rob Poenhelt      
1988 Paul Maichle      
1989 Steve Chmielewski      
1990 Nicholas Nagy      
1991 Ben Salentine      
1992 Ben Salentine      
1993 Adam Haut      
1994 Christopher Henn   pdficon small1994 Program pdficon small1994 Final Standings
1995 Michele Rathke   pdficon small1995 Program pdficon small1995 Final Standings
1996 Adam Hallada   pdficon small 1996 Program pdficon small 1996 Final Standings
1997 Patrice Rumpf   pdficon small1997 Program  
1998 Patrice Rumpf   pdficon small1998 Program  
1999 Patrice Rumpf   pdficon small1999 Program pdficon small1999 Awards Program
2000 Adam Hallada   pdficon small2000 Program  
2001 Patrice Rumpf   pdficon small2001 Program pdficon small2001 Awards Program
2002 Casey Garces   pdficon small2002 Program pdficon small2002 Awards Program
2003 Caitlin Hallada   pdficon small2003 Program  
2004 Caitlin Hallada   pdficon small2004 Program  
2005 Zachary Ciesielczyk 2005 Champion of Champions pdficon small2005 Program  
2006 Aubrey Lambach 2006 Champion of Champions pdficon small2006 Program  
2007 Trent Farrell 2007 Champion of Champions pdficon small2007 Program  
2008 Trent Farrell 2008 Champion pdficon small2008 Program pdficon small 2008 Awards Program
2009 Karlee Anderson 2009_Champ pdficon small 2009 Program pdficon small 2009 Awards Program
2010 Karlee Anderson   pdficon small 2010 Program pdficon small 2010 Awards Program
2011 Karlee Anderson  2011 Champ pdficon small2011 Program pdficon small2011 Awards Program
2012 Gabriel Oldenburg  2012 Champ pdficon small2012 Program pdficon small2012 Awards Program
2013 Julia Cullaz  2013 Champ pdficon small2013 Program pdficon small2013 Awards Program
2014 Julia Cullaz     pdficon small2014 Awards Program
2015 Arion Dommershausen      
2016 Scarlett Wegehaupt      

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